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History of Chandler

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Featured Story
History of ostriches in Arizona
Discovering the History of Chandler

Chandler history is an interesting affair which tells the story of a community whose role and place in the greater area has changed a great deal over time. There are many different organizations that make it their business to ensure that Chandler, Arizona history is communicated to visitors and residents alike. The many historical museums located in Chandler, AZ also provide a way for those who pass through the community to get a better idea of where they are in terms of the historical context of this city. Some of Chandler’s history is quite interesting.

A history of Chandler, Arizona would not be complete without the story of the Ostrich industry. This was once one of the primary sectors of employment in the area and is still celebrated in an annual festival. The history of Chandler, oddly enough, is very much connected to the history of women’s fashions. The use of Ostrich feathers in women’s clothing made Ostrich farming a very important business here. The history of Chandler, Arizona, is oftentimes as interesting in the near-term as it is in the very long view, however, and this community has changed a great deal in recent years.

Chandler history will inevitably be interwoven with the history of the tech industry in the years to come. This community is currently home to several different plants which manufacture high-tech components and this era of high employment will most certain be a part of the narrative of Chandler, Arizona history. It is also known for its arts community and the evolution of such festivals as the Chandler Art Walk from small events to major community happenings will also most certainly end up being part of the history of Chandler as it will be known by future generations of visitors and residents.

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